Gender Bias and Hiring Practices in STEM

OPTICS & PHOTONICS Researchers examine the interactive effect of implicit and explicit gender biases on scientific hiring committees, finding that fewer women are promoted when decision-makers deny bias exists.

A Different Kind of Eye on the Cosmos

OPTICS & PHOTONICS “Nautilus” concept devised by U.S. astronomers and optical scientists would replace costly mirror-based space telescopes with a distributed array based on diffractive optics.

Taking the Chill Off of Terahertz

OPTICS & PHOTONICS Research groups develop ultrasensitive detector and quantum cascade laser for THz band that eliminate need for cryogenic cooling, expanding application flexibility.

A Different Kind of Smart Glass

OPTICS & PHOTONICS Researchers propose a method that would use nanophotonic structures to embed artificial intelligence and image-recognition capabilities into clear glass.