University of Vigo

The University of Vigo, founded in 1990, is a public institution located in the autonomous area of Galicia in north western Spain. It prides itself to be a Galician, international-looking university.

Its premises are divided into three campuses. The Lagoas-Marcosende campus, which is 15 kilometers away from the city of Vigo, focuses on technology. The Lagoas campus in downtown Ourense centers on water research that produces social and economic value. The Pontevedra campus, also located in an urban setting, mixes arts, sports and humanities.

More than 24,000 students are registered at the three campuses, and 1,600 lecturers teach undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the University of Vigo. The degrees offered at the University of Vigo spread across science, technology, social sciences, law and humanities. However, the university is also considered one of the most technical universities in Galicia, with a particular focus on telecommunications, computer science, industrial engineering and environment engineering.

As an institution committed to international cooperation, the University of Vigo has signed more than 400 cooperation agreements with institutions of higher education in 38 different countries.

The University of Vigo is the only Spanish higher education institution to have sent two micro-satellites into space. It publishes the interdisciplinary journal of marine studies Thalassas.

Smart Photonics

SMART Photonics, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, is a foundry offering production services for mainly Indium Phosphide based photonic components. SMART Photonics is an independent pure-play foundry, using the knowledge, experience and equipment to produce photonic components for our customers, based on their designs.

SMART offers the complete production process from epitaxial growth and re-growth, processing, polishing and dicing of wafers into chips. Supports our customers from the proof of concept phase up to and including full production. As a foundry, we also offer single or combined process steps to complete or being a back-up for the production processes of customers.

Indium phosphide chips are proving to be the best choice in many applications, ranging from next generation low-power consumption data-centers to a variety of sensing applications for structural monitoring and medical diagnostics. Integrated photonics also plays an increasingly important role in the aircraft industry, air quality monitoring, autonomous driving and in ultra-secure cryptography.

SMART Photonics works with highly skilled, experienced and innovative professionals, eager to work on new and exciting integration technologies.

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research-driven and design-oriented technical university, which mainly aims at educate young people at an academic level in the domain “engineering, science and technology”. On the whole TU/e employs 220 scientific staff members and provide education to 10000 undergraduate students and 1300 PhD students.

TU/e participates in the main european projects related to photonic integration technologies such as: EuroPIC, Paradigm,. All these projects were concerned with the development of photonic circuit new fabrication technologies and training networks– which are also the primary goal of this project. As well as other like TDK4Pe (EU: FP7), Satrax (NL: Point-One), EuroPIC (EU: FP7), Memphis (NL: Smart-Mix), Helios (EU: FP7), Pythia (EU: FP7)

Current Involvement in Research and Training Programmes:

Plat4M (EU: FP7)
PhoxTroT (EU: FP7)
PIX4life (EU: HORIZON 2020)
MFManufacturing (ENIAC)

Phoenix Software BV

PhoeniX Software is a high-tech Company, part of Synopsys Corp, head-quartered in Enschede (the Netherlands) developing, supplying and supporting world class software solutions for micro and nano technology corporations and institutes. Founded in 2003, PhoeniX Software supports organizations to improve quality, reduce time to market and enhance research by offering unique and highly integrated software solutions, training and customer support. Every single member of the PhoeniX Software team is dedicated and driven to create innovative software solutions based on customer needs and expectations.

Photon Design

Photon Design was started in 1992 and now provides a wide range of innovative photonics CAD tools to 35+ countries around the world, supplying most of the World’s leading photonics companies, universities and government research labs. CAD products include tools for both passive and active (semiconductor) component and optical circuit modelling.

Bright Photonics BV

BRIGHT Photonics is a design house for photonic integrated circuits (PICs). We make PIC technology accessible to businesses, research institutes and universities in the technologies SiO, InP, SiN, glass and polymers. We typically operate as intermediate company between foundry services and product developers. Design projects range from sub cells on multi project wafers to full wafer layout. On a one-to-one basis we help solving interfacing issues between optical components and electrical components as well as optimize designs for certain packaging solutions. BP also may take care of prototyping for customers with our pack-aging partners. BP develops process design kits (PDK), either as a part of the foundries own PDK or as extensions to the foundries PDK. Extensions are aimed at needs of in-house design capability and MPW users. It provides foundry users with extended capabilities on the platform. As a service to photonic IC designers, commercial and research groups, we develop and license software extensions on the photonic design platforms of software partners (mask and circuit level tools).