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Monolithically Integrated Wavelength-meter in InP with measurement bandwidth of 100nm centered on the C band. A. Volpini et al. Submitted to Optics Letters

This type of devices are a key requirement for many applications and it is especially important to have them integrated with active components like lasers and gain sections.
We present a wavelength meter based on multiple ring resonators that has been realized in a commercial MPW run and tested using a tunable laser.

Monolithically integrated circuits for Optical injection locking of ring lasers with QKD and QPSK applications. D. Massella et al. Submitted to Optics Letters.

Optical injection locking of integrated ring lasers promises to be a key technology of the future, but it is still lacking experimental verification. In this paper we present two monolithically integrated photonic circuits that experimentally realize Optically injection locking of ring lasers. The presented circuits pave the way for future application in Quantum Key Distribution and coherent communication..

Design of a fully integrated quantum number generator

V. Moskalenko, R. Broeke, E. Bente, D. A. Outerelo, P. Vilar Gómez, F. J. Díaz Otero, “Design of a fully integrated quantum number generator”, International Conference on Integrated Quantum Photonics, Université Paris Diderot, París (Francia), 15-17 octubre 2018.

Monolithic Integration of a Phase Noise Based Quantum Random Number Generator on InP platform

D. Álvarez Outerelo, M. Troncoso Costas, I. Roumpos, T. Chrysostomidis, V. Moskalenko, K. Vyrsokinos, F. J. Díaz Otero, “Monolithic Integration of a Phase Noise Based Quantum Random Number Generator on InP platform”, 46th European Conference on Optical Communication” (ECOC 2020) Brussels, Belgium 06-10 December 2020.

Second butt joint for low loss waveguides

A. Volpini,A. M. Meija, S. Klein, L. Augustin, “Second butt joint for low loss waveguides”, IEEE Photonics Benelux, 25th-26th November 2021, University of Mons, Belgium.

Quantum random number generator

F. J. Diaz-Otero, “International Patent on Quantum random number generator InP integrated photonics”.