Double-Glazing, at the Nanoscale

OPTICS & PHOTONICS Stacks of alternating, nanometer-thin layers of mica-like mineral and polymer form a transparent film that’s thermally conductive in the one direction and insulating in another.

Iridescence as Camouflage

OPTICS & PHOTONICS In some animal species, striking, shifting coloration, created by light scattering from micro- and nanostructures, may serve to conceal rather than attract.

A Firmer Grip on How Cement Sets

OPTICS & PHOTONICS Nondestructive laser-based technique employs mathematical modeling to calculate cement’s behavior as it sets, which could be a boon for the construction industry.

Laser Diode Pushes into the Deep UV

OPTICS & PHOTONICS Several techniques enable a semiconductor device that lases at 271.8 nm at room temperature, setting up potential applications in sensing and biomedicine.